mission: why we exist


OUR pets are our family

We call our pets our four-legged children, so we know that your pets are just hairier members of your family too.  We honor the sacred bond that you have with your pet. 


Our pets are stoic.  They persevere through pain and rarely give out a sound to tell us they are hurting.  While pets don't cry, they give us many other signs.  We can help you learn to recognize these signs. 



We'll help you learn how to recognize pain in your pet, so that you can collaborate in their care.  We'll also create a pain plan for your pet that will help you use your new knowledge effectively.  Once you recognize pain, you'll have tools on hand to help combat your pet's discomfort.  

We’re so grateful you came into our lives. Thank you for loving Oscar as much as we do. We feel like you’ve become part of our family!
— Sarah and Rachel G.


We want our pets to live long, happy lives.  Sadly, we know we cannot give them the beautiful life they deserve if they are hurting.  If your pet is in pain, we can help relieve their discomfort.  If your pet has reached a time where their quality of life is declining, we can help advise you in their care to keep them happy and comfortable as long as possible.  We will also be there for you when humane euthanasia must be considered.  We will support your family every step of the way.     


aT-HOME EUthANASIA: saying goodbye at home 

When it is time to say goodbye to your loved one, we are here for you. We believe at-home euthanasia provides the most peaceful passing for your pet.  Additionally, many families select home euthanasia for increased privacy, to avoid the difficulties of transporting pets, and to avoid the stress of the veterinary clinic.   Call us if you would like to arrange a consultation, or if you know it is time.  We accommodate last minute as well as after hours, weekend, and holiday requests.  


We try to accommodate requests for care at all hours and all days, including holidays and weekends, because we know sometimes your family needs help at inconvenient times. 


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