care & Services


at-home Pain consultation

Meet with us to develop a pain management plan for your pet's acute or chronic pain.  In addition to developing a plan to alleviate your pet's suffering, we'll also teach you how to recognize pain in your pet so you can be proactive in his/her care.  



Ancillary services (Pet sitting, medication administration, walks and outings, etc.)

We provide extra care for elderly or sick patients.  We can help with medication administration, check-ins and walks while you're out and about, boarding and pet sitting to ensure medications and treatments are administered while you're away.  If you have a need, just ask us and we will try to accommodate it.  




at-home hospice/palliative care consultation (initial)

If your pet has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, or if they're at the end of a chronic disease (such as cancer, kidney failure, or heart failure), and you want to keep them comfortable for as long as possible, this is our area of expertise.  

Our consultations include time to explain your pet's diagnosis, the outcomes and progression of your pet's illness, and how we can make your pet comfortable for as long as possible.  

Our areas of focus typically include appetite and nutrition, pain control, hydration, physical comfort and mobility, mental well-being.   

Care plans may include holistic and traditional/western medicines, alternative therapies, nursing care recommendations and resources, and a monitoring plan.  

(Please allow 60 minutes for your initial visit)


Hospice/palliative care     follow-up visit 

For current patients, a follow-up visit will help us to assess your pet's response to therapies and home care, and ensure they are staying comfortable.  We encourage routine check-ins to make sure we are maintaining the best quality of life for your pet. 




At-home euthanasia

When you must say goodbye, we will help your family through the process with care and gentle guidance.  Saying goodbye to your loved one at home provides peace and comfort for your pet, and privacy for your family.  

We include a consultation to discuss your pet's quality of life, to help ensure you are making the best decision for your family.  For families who are unsure, this is a very important discussion, and we will give extra care to help you make the best decision. 


private cremation

Private cremation costs vary based on the size of your pet.   They typically range from $150 to $450.  If you have a pet that has passed, we can assist in arranging aftercare and commemorations.