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who we are

Comforting Creatures is an independently owned veterinary home care practice on the westside of Los Angeles.  We specialize in helping families with elderly or terminally ill pets.  

We provide hospice or palliative care and quality of life consultations, as well as pain management consultations, ancillary services for elderly or ill pets, and at-home euthanasia.  

We know that pets are four-legged family members, and we love your pets as our own.  

Dr. Shana developed a passion for elderly pets and pets with chronic and terminal illnesses during her years as an emergency veterinarian.  After settling in Los Angeles, she founded Comforting Creatures in order to help families give their four-legged family members loving care in all stages of their life.  

Dr. Shana serves on the board of the Santa Monica Animal Shelter and was honored as the Veterinarian of the Year by the University of Georgia. 



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mission: why we exist


OUR pets are our family

We call our pets our four-legged children, so we know that your pets are just hairier members of your family too.  We honor the sacred bond that you have with your pet. 


Our pets are stoic.  They persevere through pain and rarely give out a sound to tell us they are hurting.  While pets don't cry, they give us many other signs.  We can help you learn to recognize these signs. 



We'll help you learn how to recognize pain in your pet, so that you can collaborate in their care.  We'll also create a pain plan for your pet that will help you use your new knowledge effectively.  Once you recognize pain, you'll have tools on hand to help combat your pet's discomfort.  

We’re so grateful you came into our lives. Thank you for loving Oscar as much as we do. We feel like you’ve become part of our family!
— Sarah and Rachel G.


We want our pets to live long, happy lives.  Sadly, we know we cannot give them the beautiful life they deserve if they are hurting.  If your pet is in pain, we can help relieve their discomfort.  If your pet has reached a time where their quality of life is declining, we can help advise you in their care to keep them happy and comfortable as long as possible.  We will also be there for you when humane euthanasia must be considered.  We will support your family every step of the way.     


HOME EUthANASIA: saying goodbye at home 

When it is time to say goodbye to your loved one, we are here for you. We believe at-home euthanasia provides the most peaceful passing for your pet.  Additionally, many families select home euthanasia for increased privacy, to avoid the difficulties of transporting pets, and to avoid the stress of the veterinary clinic.   Call us if you would like to arrange a consultation, or if you know it is time.  We accommodate last minute as well as after hours, weekend, and holiday requests.  


We try to accommodate requests for care at all hours and all days, including holidays and weekends, because we know sometimes your family needs help at inconvenient times. 


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care & Services


at-home Pain consultation

Meet with us to develop a pain management plan for your pet's acute or chronic pain.  In addition to developing a plan to alleviate your pet's suffering, we'll also teach you how to recognize pain in your pet so you can be proactive in his/her care.  



Ancillary services (Pet sitting, medication administration, walks and outings, etc.)

We provide extra care for elderly or sick patients.  We can help with medication administration, check-ins and walks while you're out and about, boarding and pet sitting to ensure medications and treatments are administered while you're away.  If you have a need, just ask us and we will try to accommodate it.  




at-home hospice/palliative care consultation (initial)

If your pet has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, or if they're at the end of a chronic disease (such as cancer, kidney failure, or heart failure), and you want to keep them comfortable for as long as possible, this is our area of expertise.  

Our consultations include time to explain your pet's diagnosis, the outcomes and progression of your pet's illness, and how we can make your pet comfortable for as long as possible.  

Our areas of focus typically include appetite and nutrition, pain control, hydration, physical comfort and mobility, mental well-being.   

Care plans may include holistic and traditional/western medicines, alternative therapies, nursing care recommendations and resources, and a monitoring plan.  

(Please allow 60 minutes for your initial visit)


Hospice/palliative care     follow-up visit 

For current patients, a follow-up visit will help us to assess your pet's response to therapies and home care, and ensure they are staying comfortable.  We encourage routine check-ins to make sure we are maintaining the best quality of life for your pet. 




At-home euthanasia

When you must say goodbye, we will help your family through the process with care and gentle guidance.  Saying goodbye to your loved one at home provides peace and comfort for your pet, and privacy for your family.  

We include a consultation to discuss your pet's quality of life, to help ensure you are making the best decision for your family.  For families who are unsure, this is a very important discussion, and we will give extra care to help you make the best decision. 


private cremation

Private cremation costs vary based on the size of your pet.   They typically range from $150 to $450.  If you have a pet that has passed, we can assist in arranging aftercare and commemorations.  


We offer urgent care services in your home for minor illness or injury.  Please call or text us at 310.438.6734 if you need to request urgent care.  

We can generally accommodate requests for urgent care for concerns such as vomiting and diarrhea, sudden onset limping or lameness, fleas, GI parasites, new skin concerns and skin infections, ear infections, minor wounds, or allergic reactions.  

If we assess that your pet requires care beyond what we can offer in the home setting, you may be referred to a brick and mortar facility.  


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we serve santa monica, brentwood, pacific palisades, bel-air, beverly hills, malibu, venice, west hollywood, westwood, west LA, and the surrounding communities




call or text 310.438.6734

We encourage you to bring your questions to us via telephone or e-mail.  Please call or text us at 310.438.6734, or reach us via e-mail by filling out the form below.  We attempt to respond to all inquiries within 2 hours during the workday, or 8 hours on overnights, weekends, and holidays.  If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency and you are unable to reach us by telephone, please contact your preferred emergency hospital.   


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